Six days until….

My last day of teaching ESL is on February 19, 2016 and  I can’t wait to be free from the chains!  I’ve decided to leave my traditional job and become a full-time writer for good until I can’t afford to buy food for my kids.  I should say that I have a big safety net aka my father.  My kids and I will live with him while I finish writing my first fiction series.

I’m excited but I’m also a little frightened.  It’s scary jumping into the unknown world of not having a steady paycheck every month, but the little voice inside of me keeps telling me to take the plunge.  Sometimes, I think that little voice is a million times more wiser and smarter than me.  She’s not scared at all and says that everything will work out.

You’re probably curious what my plan is and it might sound unrealistic to some, but that’s where my faith is kicking in and telling me that I got this.  First, I’m going to finish the second&third books in a visionary/paranormal fiction series I’m writing.  Then, I’m going to dust off one of my screenplays and enter it into a few competitions.  Once summer arrives, I’ll delve into the freelance writing world and stay there until my novels and screenwriting can pay for my lifestyle.

The next four months I’ll be stuck in writing/rewriting heaven, but I’ll be sure to keep this site updated.  Be sure to stay tuned and see how I’m trucking along^^


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